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Possible Issues You Could Be Facing With Your Split And Window AC

Issue facing with split & window AC

Possible Issues You Could Be Facing With Your Split & Window AC

Issue facing with split & window AC

The air conditioning machine has become our regular necessity, especially during summer. There was a time when the demand for window ACs was more than the split ACs, but with the change in time and demand for the machine, people nowadays prefer split AC rather than window ACs. 

Today, what we will be discussing will be the core possibilities that these machines face when installed for residential or commercial apartments.

Possible Issue with Air Conditioners Machine

Let us discuss with you basic and common issues that arise with the window ACs installed. These are the issues that have all possibilities and also have solutions to them.

Water dripping from the front: If the installation of window AC is not proper, then there is a possibility that the user will face and that is water draining from the front side of the machine. If the area is not mounted with a slight slope towards the rear end when installing the device, it means that there is a need to get the machine reinstalled to resolve the problem.

Frequency of compressor on and off: The air conditioning machines, be it a window or split AC, comes up with the issue where the compressor of the device frequently gets on and off. If this is the issue, it indicates a problem with the thermostat or the temperature sensor. Here ensure that the temperature sensor’s position is near the evaporator coils. The next is to check AC filter is not clogged. If the problem continues further, there is a need to consult an AC repair professional who can rectify this problem.

Ice formation: A problem arises in both types of ACs. If no ventilation is available to drive the air from the machine, ice formation occurs frequently. Hence, it updates that there is a need to either get the AC repaired or replaced if the problem continues.

Window AC not starting correctly: If this is the case, then the common reason here is likely the PCB of the AC unit is at fault. To this, there is no specific reason as to why the PCB has failed. There can be multiple reasons surrounding it. Hence, to understand and eliminate the problem, you need to check with a professional and understand the root cause.

Cooling Issue: The lack of coolant (freon) in the machine is one of the reasons for this problem. After having all the necessary detailing done in the machine, if the problem continues, then the ideal way is to check with the machine consultants. Here the team will check with the device, and based on the report, the next step can be considered.

Bad Odor: The foul smell upon switching on the AC is a problem that arises when you change the machine or close it. The scent will often increase if it has yet to be repaired or checked for the root cause of it. The foul smell in the machine can be because of duct ventilation or no air transfusion. Hence, checking on the device regularly and getting it serviced per its requirements is advisable.

Split AC is not starting: Now, that is a big concern. If the machine is not getting started, it is an alarm that must be addressed. Split AC not getting switched on is a matter of concern. Whether your engine has regular service or not, if the device does not get on after a long time, immediately check with the service personnel and resolve it.

These are some of the common problems that Air Conditioner machines have. The best way to overcome this problem is to ensure regular maintenance and timely advice are taken from professionals.


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