Choose the Right Cassette AC For Your Home: Pros & Cons

Air Conditions have become an integral part of our day-to-day life. While searching for ACs, we all know a variety of options are available in the market. One type of air conditioner is Cassette AC. It is a machine widely seen and installed in offices, shops, and hotels. Also, the demand for Cassette AC is seen more in the new building structure because of their high energy efficiency and reasonable price.

This cassette ac is a machine that requires regular servicing and maintenance. Hence, you can contact us at Air Trendz if you are looking for AC repair services. With years of experience and expertise, we are the leading provider of cassette ac service in Hyderabad city.

While discussing Cassette AC, we must understand that it is a part of Inverter split systems. The installation of the system is different from regular split ACs. Cassette air conditioners are ceiling air conditioners and are one of the main types of inverter split systems.

The usage and working of cassette air conditioners are different compared to others. As these ACs are mounted on the ceiling, the inner unit is mounted towards it. The circulation of the air and passing of it is through all its four sides. The external device is mounted on the outside in the same way as a conventional wall-mounted system unit.

As stated, installing these heavy cassette air conditioners is best only for offices, shops, malls, and hotels. Getting these systems installed comes with specific pros and cons. So, what we will be discussing today is it.

Pros – Advantages

Equal air distribution: Installing the cassette ac at your place helps share/pass the cold air equally and precisely. It is because of the powerful fan and its ability to regulate the distribution equally in larger spaces than ordinary air conditioners.

Less Space: Since the installation of the machine is ceiling-mounted, there is a significant advantage in saving space which makes them invisible.

Silent Space: As the external unit of the system is located outside, the cassette air conditioners do not make heavy sounds. It means if there is any servicing, it can be done at the outside zone without disturbing the people and their work.

Temperature Setting: The thermostat of these air conditioning systems can be programmed at your request. The same goes for fan speed. You can adjust the room temperature and thus save on monthly electricity bills.

Cost and Energy Effective: Cassette Air Conditions are the best system for saving energy and cost in the overall billing.

Disadvantages- Cons

Long Time to Install: Cassette Air Conditions are mounted on the ceiling, and the compressor is outside. Hence the distance between the two machines is quite large, which will take a long time to get installed. Also, to make sure that the installation is correct, there would be the requirement of many holes and the drilling of walls. Hence, the overall process will be expensive and take a long time to install.

Climatic Issues: Cassette air conditioner demand to have a proper climate system to ensure storing the facilities, and for the same, there is a need to have multiple systems installed. Considering this aspect, it will become costly, and you may run over budget. Thus, to avoid it, the ideal option is to search for other option that is beneficial for the overall process and is energy efficient.

Installation Space Issue: If the building where you live or work has multiple stories, you may need more space to install cassette air conditioning on the ceiling.

Hence, considering all these aspects, it is advisable to consult a technician before installing a cassette air conditioner at your place. 

Why Airtrendz

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