The Most Common Air Conditioner Problems & Solutions

The Most Common Air Conditioner Problems & Solutions

Common Air Conditioner Problems & Solutions

Air conditioners are becoming the core necessity of our lives, especially in regions with tremendous hot temperatures in summers or winters. When there is a breakdown in the air conditioners, each one faces discomfort, which drills down to getting them either repaired or serviced. When the ACs start to fail, it indicates some core obvious reasons and signs that need to be considered.

Now, if we need to ensure that the ACs are reliable and do not break down suddenly, it is highly recommended that you understand some early signs of a possible breakdown. Once the same is known, it is evident that those problems need to be fixed. In this article, we are listing some core and common AC problems with possible solutions.

Common Air Conditioners Problems and Solutions

(1) AC Remote not Functioning
It is the initial stage when the process of diagnosing the problem starts. Here if the remote is not working correctly, then there is a need to check its power (battery) inside the remote controller. There is a possibility that the battery charge is depleted. If this is not the case, then ensure checking of the IR sensor, whether it is not somehow covered.

After checking all these points, then heads towards the solutions of consulting a professional who visits the place and evaluates the complete air conditioners and suggests the possibilities of the problem.

(2) Cooling Issue
Air Conditioners is a machine that has durability and that vanishes with their usage. During high temperatures, the demand for the use of AC is high. Hence with time, it will come up with the issue of not getting the cooling properly. There can be multiple reasons if your AC starts showing cooling issues.

If the issue persists after checking all possible ways, it strikes the sign that you need to get it replaced or repaired for better durability and long life for the machines.

(3) Water Leakage – Inside Room
This is one of the most common AC problems that people face. When there is a sign of water leaking inside the room, it gives a sign to check the reasons for it. Common reasons monitored are a clogged condensate drainage pipe (due to dirt, dust, algae, or fungi), a damaged or rusted drain pan, or a broken condensate pump.

But for every problem, there is a solution to it. Here the possible solutions suggested are,
– Open the indoor unit and follow the instructions given in the manual.
– Ensure removing air filters.
– Search for the drain pipe, remove the tape, and connect the pipe to the central unit.
– Use the vacuum to clean the pipe and drain the remaining water.
– Get the reinstallation work done with the main panel.
– Fit the air filters and install the front cover of the AC’s indoor unit

After getting all the possible solutions done, if the problem continues, call an AC professional to get further suggestions and understand the possibilities.

(4) Water Leakage – Outside Room
Air conditioners usually release water outside the room at an average operating temperature. Here there is a possibility that the water may dry on a sunny day. However, if the problem persists continuously, the core reason can be only when the temperature setting is at the lowest. The problem can also occur if the installation of it needs to be revised.

As per the suggestion and solutions, it is advised that the temperature of any air conditioner should be 24 degrees and not above or less than it. Considering this option will lead to an increase in the durability of your device and get them a bit long shelf-life.

(5) High Electricity Bill
Are you monitoring high frequency in your electricity bill, even after not getting it used frequently? It is another common AC problem that people face. It is because your machine is consuming more power, which leads to high electricity bills, persisting for various reasons. The core reasons for it can be doors open, no proper insulation, available windows, or any other reasons. To overcome the problem, it is advisable to read the manual that updates how to save energy while using AC.

Upon research to know the issue of the problem, it is observed that the temperature setting is low, so there is good cooling. But there are more viable solutions. As stated earlier, India’s Ministry of Power recommends setting a temperature of 24°C while using an AC. It is because the electricity consumption will be at the proper pace and the bill will not rise.

The best solution is not to maintain an unusual temperature setting; keep it standard, and get the AC regularly serviced every six months. It is recommended to clean the air filters, remove blockages from the drain pipe, and check for refrigerant leakages.

(6) Uneven Temperature Distribution
If your machine is showering its airflow unevenly, don’t worry about it. The problem could be an unbalanced air system. Depending upon the size of the room, the placement of the air vent, and the external temperature -some of the areas of your home may get little attention from the AC unit.

Hence, it is advisable that, depending upon the area size, the AC installation & AC Repair Service is done so that it circulates the air evenly and balances the overall temperature with equal contributions.

Apart from these common reasons, multiple reasons can lead to problems arising in your air conditioners. But with all these problems, there is a solution.

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