When should you repair or replace your Ductable Ac?

When should you repair or replace your Ductable Ac?

You have cranked up your ducted air conditioner on a scorching day, and your machine is mustering the air, which is warm, which leads to cough and health issues. The problem may be a simple fix for a newer unit, but for the older systems, a technician needs to be called. However, before getting the system repaired, all you can find is replacing them from the existing system with a new unit which is more economical in the short and long term.

At the initial stage, installing new units is costly. But here are some of the aspects that need to be considered that help team decides whether to repair or replace your ducted air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency & Running Costs

When the system is older, it requires a lot of energy consumption and much electricity drainage. It is possible when the ducted AC is old and has less energy-efficient technology. The older the system, the more it runs the cost. Hence, if you are finding this issue in your system, it is necessary to change or repair the machine if required.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs

After receiving the quotations for maintenance, it is necessary to investigate and check if there is much cost for a new system. If the system requires repair, the problem can be fixed permanently, and the risk of the system breaking down again and again increases. As the system is aging, finding the replacement of the parts in the later stage becomes difficult, resulting in more costly repairs each time. In addition, if the system gets repaired, it is necessary to check whether it is running at a high performance or is a drain on electricity and running over budget.


One of the biggest reasons that ductable AC demands repairs or replacement is when the system is pretty old. Depending upon the usage of the machine and its consumption, it is necessary that there is a regular check on the machine and checks its reliability. As per the understanding, it is seen that this ductable AC has a shelf life of 20 years. If it goes beyond that, the machine needs to be changed for a better perspective.

Type of System

The system selection is based on the rooms and areas where the machines need to be installed. Also, the more people in the house and the working area, the more the need to have ACs installed in the area. To know which system is the best for your usage, all you need is the right guidance and understanding.

How can AirTrendz Help you?

Finding a prominent name in the AC repair industry can be overwhelming. But Air Trendz offers a comprehensive range of maintenance, installation, and repair service at an affordable cost. We provide the same perfection and precision that you desire. Our team of well-trained technicians is adept to handle every issue involving home air conditioners. Besides, our prompt response helps our clients with the desired service within the promised period.


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