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Cassette Air Conditioners

Cassette Air Conditioners are modern day energy-efficient and sustainable solutions to make your residential and commercial spaces cooler. They are equipped with one way, two way, or four way power throw. We provide a wide-range of Cassette Air Conditioners to make your home and office cooler for your guests, colleagues, customers or clients. 

Equipped with the latest climate control technology they assist in maintaining ideal temperature in any indoor environment. They provide relaxation through their cooling technology if you are resting at your home or contribute towards higher productivity in case you are working at your office. Their aesthetic designs are installed in false ceilings in a way that only the console is visible making it an aesthetically pleasing installation. 


According to research, cold air falls and hot air rises in a room specially during summers. Cassette Air Conditioners are wall mounted and ensure equal air distribution in the room making the room cooler. In addition to that as Cassette Air Conditioners are mounted to the walls they do not consume space. 

The units of a Cassette Air Conditioner are typically located outside the buildings which is why they do not generate any noise. They come with thermostat air conditioning features which can be programmed as per your requirements. Due to this you can maintain a steady room temperature and save a huge amount on your monthly electricity bills. 

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