What is the Difference Between VRF & VRV AC Systems?

If you are lately researching air conditioning and heating options, you will come across the technical terms related to VRF Ac System and VRV Ac System. The benefit that you will get from the technology is no doubt an enticing one.

Besides, the improved comfort at lower operating costs can be considered an excellent option. But there is confusion regarding the two terms. Next time you want to indulge in the air conditioning unit, make sure you read this article to know the difference.

What is the VRF Air Conditioning System?

A VRF AC System works with numerous indoor units. The term is used by every other air conditioning company except Daikin. The system utilizes refrigerant that runs through the multiple compressors in its outer unit. It helps to cool and heat the multiple zones.

Moreover, the heat recovery system works along the technology to heat multiple zones at a single time. The system does it by adjusting the refrigerant flow in its indoor unit.

Vrf Toshiba Product

VRV AC Product

What is a VRV Air Conditioning System?

The VRV AC System utilizes the collective of indoor units across numerous air conditioning zones. It helps to regulate the refrigerant supply according to the space requirement.

The only difference between VRF and VRV air conditioning systems is the copyright. The Variable Refrigerant Volume is developed by leading aircon manufacturer Daikin. Hence they enjoy copyright on this.


VRF technology is similar to that VRV technology. Their function helps to take the cooling system to the next level while offering multiple benefits. Especially for multi-room and large spaces, one can utilize this system to get cooling efficiency. Some of its advantages include:

  • Air conditioners connect to the system and provide the ideal temperature for a cool and comfortable environment.
  • These are ideal for locations with constant changes in temperature.
  • The technology allows indoor units to adjust the temperature automatically
  • One can expect high efficiency in energy and power saving while keeping electrical consumption in check.


Are VRF Systems Reliable?

VRF models have a wider variety of aircon models. But their efficiency concerning cooling can vary from one product to another. Especially, when it comes to air conditioning units, you must choose a reliable brand with a model that is appropriate according to the budget,
space requirement, and maintenance frequency.

Which is Better, a Chiller or a VRF System?

A VRF system is quite effective, when it comes to controlling the temperature inside the structure of a particular establishment. It entails multiple indoor units that come with a variety of territories. Such air conditioning systems offer warming and cooling necessities with the change of the ambient temperature. But when it comes to the cooling system, it cools the space with the help of heat-utilizing fans.

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