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DX System

DX System In Hyderabad


DX System or Direct Expansion System widely used in most of the Residential, Small commercial zones and Data centers. This uses refrigerant based cooling through condensed refrigeration liquid. We at Air Trendz based in Hyderabad, specialized in installation and services of DX system.

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Mitsubishi Split DX System In Hyderabad

Model : SRK15CVV W6Refrigant : R32
Tonnage : 1.3 TR

Ductable ACs

Ductable Air Conditioning Systems are used to pumps cool air through a centrally located units. This helps to cool the entire area. We have skilled and trained technicians who are experts in Installation or Service of Ductable Air conditions.

We are based in Hyderabad with a vast experience and complete customer satisfaction records. If you need an estimate to buy a Ductable Airconditioning, please reach out to us and we are ready to serve you!

Cassette ACs

Cassette air conditioners are like Split Air-conditioners. Rather than fixing in the walls, Cassette air conditioners are installed in ceilings and distribute even cooling air from all the four sides.

We at Air Trendz capable of handling with all types of Air conditioners. We also specialize in Sales, Installation, and all repair services for Cassette Air conditioners. We assure you to provide quality of service without any compromise.

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Model : SRK24CVV W6Refrigant : R32
Tonnage : 2.30 TR

Split AC's

An inverter is a gadget for changing over recurrence. The innovation is utilized in many home machines and controls electric voltage, flow and recurrence. Inverter climate control systems differ their cooling/warming limit by modifying the power supply recurrence of their blowers. An inverter type forced air system modifies the speed of the blower to control the refrigerant (gas) stream rate, in this way devouring less present and power. An inverter has exact temperature control and as the set temperature is accomplished, the unit alters its ability to take out any temperature vacillations.

Key Features

Air Distribution Products:

Air Distribution systems used to provide fresh and clean quality in-door air. At Air Trendz provides a wide range of services starts from sales to installation and all types of services for Air Distribution Products. We also provide ideas and suggestions according to your requirement.

Located in Hyderabad, we have a large clientele serving since 2009. Join our family and be one of the happiest customers.

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